Gross weight, kg     8800 + 3%

Combat crew,
- crew - Crew        3 (commander, driver, gunner)
- Soldiers         6

Overall dimensions, mm:
Length with winch   5450/5800
Width   2450
Height (to the top of the hull / to the rifle) machine AA on travel   2300/2700

Wheelbase, mm 3100
I stand width, mm 2000
Ground clearance, not less than, mm 400
Maximum power, KM DEUTZ BF 4M 1013FC AND IVECO NEF 4 ENTC
                                                      190.5                                  209.5 
Gearbox type                      allison 1000                   Autoamtic (6/1)
Driving performance:
Front outer wheel min. turning radius, m 8.9
Max. speed on the highway, not less than, km / h   120
Fuel range, not less than, km   750

Bridged obstacles
- Max. climbing angle, level 30
- Max. heeling angle, degree   24

Weapon system, type               NSV
Machine gun caliber, mm 12.7

Level of armor protection (NATO STANAG 4569)                           2

with external additional passive armor (NATO STANAG 4569)         3

Air conditioning and heating system (NATO AECTP - 230)

The standard APC equipment package includes a

central tire inflation system;

hydraulic power steering;

communication and satellite navigation systems,


ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC),

automatic fire extinguishing system;

filter and ventilation unit;

Self-securing winch 6.8 t

Due to the high payload and good versatility, Oncilia has great potential for further modernization.

Given its standard design, it is possible to develop the following types of vehicles:

Put in chemical and radiological recognition
Command vehicle 
• Reconnaissance and patrol vehicle

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